Stained Glass

Our Stained Glass

WE - have THE LINE and THE CIRCLE and the hope that YOU will be overwhelmed by our stained glass.
WE add colour and our soul.
It's DONE.

We wait for you to transfer into your home the magic of stained glass from our thoughts and our work. Make your home more colorful and we assure you that you will have something unique which will make you proud watching it every single day. The more you watch it; it will amaze you more and more.

In the morning is one, in the afternoon is another and in the evening is ...... amazing.

Morning Afternoon Evening
vitralii vitralii vitralii


You can decorate a transparent glass wall, a window to a terrace, a big table with a stained glass top, a beautiful panel, a elegant door in the living ....

We provide the whole fabrication process :

- project proposal, solutions, suggestions to the client

- project design